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We have several traffic packages to choose from:

  • 1,000 Visitors = $30
  • 2,000 Visitors = $45
  • 3,000 Visitors = $60
  • 4,000 Visitors = $75
  • 5,000 Visitors = $90
  • 10,000 Visitors =$145

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mlm targeted traffic

About 90% of traffic companies out there are selling you fake traffic. Read our report on fake traffic here. Don't waste your time or money on fake guaranteed visitors.

Your business depends on quality targeted traffic to your site. Getting enough of the right kind of visitors to your site, is critical to your business and more importantly your profits.

We are providing quality visitors through various sources. About 45% of our traffic comes through expired business opportunity domains. About 20% will come from ppc campaigns in Google and Yahoo. The remaining 35% comes from Email Marketing campaigns, Ezine campaigns, Banner Impressions and Classified ad sites, all on highly targeted websites and opt-in mailing lists.

We have a rototar that we place in all advertising campaigns listed above. When you purchase visitors from us, your url will be placed into our rotator. Your website will be viewed as a full page. NO pop ups or pop unders. And, you can be certain these are REAL people visiting your site.

Open a Free Account. You'll be able to add up to 100 websites, view your statistics and number of visitors recieved, pause and delete your url's. You can assign credits (visitors) to each url and move the credits between your sites.